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PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous battle royale games out there. There was a time when it was easy to win in PUBG Mobile. Day by Day the game is becoming more popular and many new players are joining the game. Therefore the difficulty has increased.But if you read our guide you will be able to easily score wins.Here are some PUBG Mobile pro tips.

In this guide we are going to give you some PUBG Mobile pro tips to become a pro player.

Tip 1: When setting up PUBG Mobile do not create guest account instead choose play games or facebook login.

Even though this is not going to help you win this is recommended because if you use guest account your progress will be lost if you reset your phone. Also using google play games or facebook login will allow you to play on multiple devices with the same account.

Tip 2: Choose the graphics settings carefully.

In a game like PUBG Mobile you want to get the maximum frame rate possible with your device even if that means sacrificing graphics quality. If your device is not very powerful you should play with smooth or balanced graphics settings. Even with high end devices it is better to play with low graphics quality and higher frame rates.

If your feel that there are frame drops and lag then you should reduce the settings till you find the best one. Always it is recommended that you should go for the highest frame rates.

Tip 3: Use wifi instead of mobile data whenever possible.

Even though PUBG Mobile uses very little bandwidth, when playing with mobile data there is high ping. Since this is a multiplayer game you will need very less ping for good game play.So you should use wifi whenever possible.Also you should always select the server that has lowest ping.

Tip 4 : Choose your landing place carefully

There are some areas on the map where more players land. If you land in those areas you could easily get killed if you didn’t get good weapons.

pubg mobile erangel map

This is very important. You need to choose a best landing place based on the flight path. In the above image by taking into consideration the flight path we can expect a lot of players in military base, Novorepnoye, Primorsk , Pochinki, etc. So according to above flight path the best place to land safely would be Quarry, Ferry Pier, Mylta etc. You should still expect some players in Quarry and Mylta.

Generally the places with most players are:

  • Military Base – Most loot, Most players
  • Pochinki – Good loot, a lot of players land here since Pochinki is almost the center of the map.
  • School – Center of the map, good loot, a lot of players land here
  • Georgopol and crates – very good loot, a lot of squads land here especially if it near the flight path
  • Mylta – good loot , sometimes there will be a lot of players here.

Places that are comparatively safer and has enough loot:

  • Water filled place near Ruins – This is my favorite landing place. There is sufficient loot here.Very less players land here. You can also easily hide here.
  • Prison – Sufficient loot and less players
  • Shelter – Sufficient loot. There is a bunker with good loot. But there are no places to hind
  • Shooting range – Sufficient loot, less players land here
  • Hospital – Has good loot. Even if many players land here it is large enough for you to hide and loot peacefully.
  • Mylta power – good loot

Tip 5 : Choose your weapons carefully

There are many guns in PUBG Mobile and each performs best in different situations like a Sniper would be good while attacking an enemy from good distance away while a gun like UMP9 might do better in close range. There are six different types of ammo in PUBG Mobile. They are 7.62 mm , 5.56 mm , 9 mm, AWM Magnum , shotgun shells , crossbow bolts. Crossbow is the most silent weapon which is very difficult to master. Crossbow also has high damage. Below is a table showing some data about Assault rifles.


We highly recommend that you put a bit of effort into mastering the Crossbow. Because crossbow is very common in the game and is the only truly silent weapon. It also has very high damage.

We know this table does not cover all weapons. But we have included all the commonly used and popular weapons. We highly recommend you to visit this link after reading our entire article which will take you to Gamepedia PUBG Wiki that has more information about all weapons in the game. The link can be found in the end of this post.

Tip 6: Use those grenades and smoke grenades

Many players still does not use grenades and smoke grenades in the game. I found grenades very useful especially in the zombie mode when hundreds of zombies come together. Also when you and your squad is in a tricky situation using a smoke grenade will allow you and your quad to escape.

Tip 7: Be careful while reviving your teammates

This is the biggest mistake that most of us including me make. I have been killed a lot of times when I was reviving my friends. Whenever my friends get knocked out they just yell at the mic for help. This is not the time to prove your friendship by going over at once. Understand that the one who knocked out your friend is still there waiting for you. First thing ask your friend where the enemy is or from which direction the shot came. If you can’t find the enemy who knocked out your friend then go to a cover behind a tree or rock ask your friend to come there. Only after you have taken cover revive.

Tip 8: Think whether you should revive your friend if it is the last circle

If it is the last circle and your friend got knocked out then don’t risk reviving your friend. The last circle means the last surviving opponent is so close to you probably waiting for a single clue of your position. Reviving during the last circle will give your position away. Understand that during squad and duo your team gets the win not any one team member. If you are the one who got knocked out in the last zone then don’t pressurize your teammate to revive you instead help him to win by spectating him and helping him spot enemies.

Tip 9: Be careful while looting the enemies.

After you defeat your opponent your location is given away. Because the bullet shots can be heard by all players near you. So don’t loot your fallen opponent at once especially if it is a squad or duo match. Because if his/her teammate is in that area then he/she will come for revenge.

Tip 10: Using the knocked out opponents as bait

After defeating an opponent in squad or duo if the opponent is knocked out that means the opponent’s team members are alive. So naturally they will come to revive their teammate. When I knock out some opponent in the game then I will hide and wait for the rest of the opponent’s team to arrive and defeat them too.

Tip 11: Air drop

In PUBG Mobile air drops contain the best weapons in the game. Many super cool weapons like AWM , GROZA etc are found in the air drops. Also ghillie suit can only be found in air drops. Therefore looting air drops is essential for victory. Ghillie suit will help you a lot in the last circle. Ghillie suit will help you to hide in plain sight. But since air drops contain these cool things every player wants them and air drops are easy to find due to the red smoke.

My strategy for looting air drops which has worked well for me is not to loot the air drop directly. Instead I will stop at some distance from the air drop and hide in the grass and uses scope to look at the air drop and wait for other players to come and loot it. I will attack them from far away while they are looting the air drop. After that I will go and loot them.

Tip 12: Don’t let your team fight over the air drop

When I play squads with my friends we usually have an agreement at the beginning of the game as to who will get the sniper etc. For example if in one match I got the sniper and ghillie suit then in next match I should give it to other member of my team. Such agreement allows us to avoid conflicts in the team.

Tip 13: Team work is important

You should help your teammates. After landing if you get two weapons and your friend got none then give one to him. Also if your friend ran out of ammo and you have lots then give some to him.

Tip 14: Use war mode to practice

War mode can be used to practice since you respawn quickly in this mode. You can practice shooting and improve your aiming in this mode. So use this mode to maximum advantage.

Tip 15: Change your control layout

Many pro streamers use 3 claw or 4 claw method. Watch videos on youtube to set that layout. It will be very hard in the beginning. Eventually you will get better at it. This layout will allow you to jump and shoot or crouch and shoot very quickly.

PUBG Mobile Pro Tips: Zombie Mode

Zombie mode came to PUBG Mobile in an update in February this year. Zombie mode allows you to play a Zombie infested version of Erangel. In this mode it cycles between Day and Night. There are two nights. In night Zombies come out of the ground in large numbers and attack you. Killing zombies will give you very good loot. There are different types of zombies that come – Zombies that spit, Fat Zombie, Zombie that runs very fast, there is a zombie called licker which is difficult to kill, there is a zombie with a shield etc.

zombie mode screen shot

The best tip to give on zombie mode will be not to stand still on ground. Either run nonstop or get on top of something tall that the zombies can’t climb like what we did in the photo below

Here the can’t zombies climb this. But beware of the zombie that spits.Wherever you hide that zombie can attack. Also you should not stand alone when zombies come. You should stand with a teammate so he can cover you while you heal. Zombie mode is my favourite mode in the game.

The weapons that use 7.62 MM bullets are the best in this mode. I like to use weapons like AKM and M762 while playing this mode. SKS is also great in this mode. Don’t bother using combat knife. The zombie can attack you once while using combat knife so your health will reduce. Never hide inside buildings in zombies mode at night. It will become a death trap. Also it is better not to get down from your safe position to loot unless it is absolutely necessary.

Also shotguns are great at this mode. Using shotgun in this mode is a different level of fun. When the big zombie called boss comes try to kill him as it will give you loot better than a air drop. Killing boss is not easy because if he attacks you , you will lose a lot of health. Also the boss can throw stones at you. So you attack him only with help of your team mates.

chicken dinner in zombies mode

It is very easy to get chicken dinner in this mode since most of your opponents will get killed by the zombies.

Also while shooting zombies try to shoot them in the head. It is better to not even try the combat knife. Also mini gun works well when zombies attack you in a big group in this mode. Also ammo is not a issue since killing zombies will give you tons of it. Another important thing to keep in mind in this mode is that you are going to be healing a lot so take a lot of first aids and bandages with you. Also take a lot of energy drinks, you will need it a lot.

In case you can’t find a tall place to fight zombies or your health is low and you are low on ammo then just run. Running really helps in this mode since all zombies are slower than you.

If you want to know more details about weapons in PUBG like recoil etc,then visit this link . It will take you to gamepedia PUBG wiki .

Watch this video on YouTube by MortaL to learn three finger claw method.

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